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There are few ways for you to hire a movers. The safest and most secure is to ask one of your friends, neighbors, relatives or coworkers that you know were satisfied with their moving company for recommendation. Referral is the best way, but unfortunately there are times when you don’t know anyone who has moved recently. So what now? Of course, the internet. First, you should know what keywords to use when you are looking for a move. Common keywords are movers near me, local packers and movers, movers Sacramento etc. The more precise your keywords are, the better results you will get. Once you get a few results, you need to do the research. Choose at least 5 moving companies and call them to get a quote. You shouldn’t search only on one platform, use all of your resources – Yelp, Google, Angie’s list, Thumbtack, pretty much every online platform.

Price per hour is something that is different for every moving company. You shouldn’t take into consideration just the price, you should also ask your sales representative what is included in that price, are there any additional or hidden fees. Do they start charging when they get to your home or once they start driving from their office. That all might affect the price. You should choose the moving company that is a bit more expensive, but they are transparent with all of their fees. You don’t want to be surprised on your moving day when your local movers charge you twice or three times more than you expected.

Every licenced moving company has moving insurance, which is usually basic coverage insurance. This way, moving companies are responsible for any damage that might happen on their end and they will either do a repair or offer you compensation based on their insurance policy. You should know that most of the moving companies allow you to have third party insurance if you want to.

You should ask this to your chosen moving company what are their rules about charging. This is something you must now before you schedule your professional packers and movers. Some moving companies charge for the move when they start driving from their office or parking lot. Others, like Movers of Sacramento, charge when the actual move starts, once they start the actual work at your pick up location.

Most of the movers offer a packing service as well. You should always let your sales representative know that you would like to have a full pack service, if they don’t mention or offer it themselves. The reason you should inform the moving company upfront is to find out if they have any additional charges for packing or packing material, or even to bring packing material. They might have some moving boxes in the truck, but maybe that won’t be enough if your movers had no idea that you needed a packing service as well. You should do everything on your end to make moving less stressful for yourself.

Every moving company has its policy when it comes to moving heavy or unusual items. If you have something you think it’s extraordinary, always ask your sales representative if movers can relocate that particular item for you. Most of the moving companies are specialized furniture movers, so if you have something that is not the usual furniture item – check. Better safe than sorry.

When it comes to tipping a movers, that is something that most of the customers don’t feel safe about. It is the same as you would do for any service that you are satisfied with. For example, if you go to the restaurant and the waiter goes an extra mile for you, the service is just top notch, of course you will be glad to leave them a big tip. Same goes for the movers. If you are satisfied and if you feel that you would like to leave them a tip – do it. If you prefer not to, that is also ok. You should do how you feel after the move. The other question that we often hear is how much to tip movers? This, again, depends on how you feel about the service and overall cost of the move. Movers won’t be offended by any tip you give them because they have their own salaries. At least that’s the case with Movers of Sacramento.

Plants are one of the most difficult items to be moved. Live plants are tricky to protect. You can’t wrap plants with plastic wrap or put them in a box. It is hard to keep them safe in the truck as well. Movers of Sacramento can move your plants for you, but we always recommend our clients to transport the plants in their cars, so we can avoid any damage. That is the safest way.

Suitcases, bags, travel bags, boxes, bins… Anything that you used to pack your clothes and personal belongings movers will move for you.

It might seem silly to hire furniture movers for everything you have in your home and to hire separate moving companies to move your piano, but it is not at all. Think about it, a piano is a very valuable and expensive item you own and you don’t want to get damaged or scratched. That is why there are professional piano moving companies that are specialized in moving pianos. They will have the right equipment and trained professionals that can handle your piano while the rest of your items are safely and carefully moved by your local packers and movers.