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How to Prepare for an Apartment Moving?

Have you found a new apartment? If so, congratulations to you and your family! Welcome to this new adventure! This is and should be a happy event for everyone, but if you do the relocation in the wrong way, unfortunately, it won’t be! After finding the right place, comes the hard part – actually the moving process. You have a few different choices here. You can enlist some support from your friends and family and do it yourself, or you can go ahead and seek out apartment movers to help you get through the process. In that case, you need to bear in mind that not all of your friends have free time at the same time as you. And hiring professional movers may cost a little bit more, but you’ll make up those dollars in terms of convenience, time, and sanity saved.

When it comes to moving to or from an apartment, the tiny spaces are often hard to navigate. Without years of experience, as professional movers have, you can easily find yourself denting the walls or scratching your furniture. Fortunately, you can hire a team of expert apartment movers Sacramento to assist you. Though there are plenty of apartment movers from which you can choose, movers Sacramento believe that every customer deserves the red-carpet treatment regardless of their moving circumstances. Condo, loft, studio, and apartment moves are Movers of Sacramento’s specialty! We’ve been on the front lines of the apartment boom and take pride in our expertise in these types of moves. We can help you with all the details about your relocation to or from an apartment, answer all of your questions, and ensure that your move goes smoothly from the get-go. Starting from your initial phone call to us up until we’ve unpacked everything in your new home, we’ll be there every step of the way!

Even if you’ve got the keys to your new dream apartment, moving can feel overwhelming. To make your move stress-free, as professional apartment movers, we will give you few tips on how to prepare for an apartment move. This way, you can have a simple and worry-free relocation.

  • Plan ahead

The first thing you need to remember and all professional movers would tell you the same when making a local move you should start as early as possible. Even if you’re moving down the street from your current place, moving is a lot of effort according to our local movers. Time flies by when you’re preparing for a move when you have work and family responsibilities. By getting started as early as possible, even months before the move, you’ll have a less stressful time when the official moving date rolls around. Deciding between DIY move and hiring professional apartment movers is not always an easy task, but it’s something you need to decide on as soon as possible. Also, once you’ve decided to move, re-read your lease. Follow the proper procedure for notifying your landlord of your move. Landlords generally require written notice 30 days or 60 days prior to your move. If you don’t follow the proper procedure, you may end up paying an extra month’s rent, and it’s better if you spend that money on movers Sacramento. Besides, read any sections of the lease regarding the return of your security deposit, how damages are handled, and optional or required cleaning fees.

  • Hire professional apartment movers

When planning your move, you also need to decide who, if anybody, will be helping. Not planning on hiring professional movers? Make sure to ask friends to help you move a few weeks in advance to ensure they save the date. Doing it all on your own can take time and a lot of effort, so you’ll want to get some more people involved if possible. Don’t forget to thank your friends with pizza, beer, and maybe even a gift certificate for a massage. If you need a truck, make sure to reserve one at least two weeks in advance. 

The other and probably better option is to hire professional movers to help. The experience of professional apartment movers would make your moving experience much more manageable. Hire local movers about a month in advance of your move, but before reserving professional movers, read online reviews to make sure you’re hiring a reputable company. If you’re trying to stay on a tight budget, make sure to call multiple apartment movers to ensure you get the best price. For local moves, companies charge by the hour. Expect to pay around $100 to $200 an hour for both apartment movers and a truck. Make sure to have everything packed before the apartment movers arrive so you don’t end up paying for extra hours. If you don’t need full-service local movers, consider using apartment movers just for the move. They are responsible for loading and unloading but you are doing the packing process by yourself. Or you can hire apartment movers just for packing and use your own transportation. There are a lot of choices when hiring movers Sacramento, but the best one is to let them deal with everything. So, if you’re overwhelmed by the move and willing to shell out a bit more money, you can hire professional movers to pack you as well.

  • Pack smart

Packing is the most mundane, most dreaded chore. It’s also the most overwhelming, the most intimidating. Take baby steps. If you have time to plan, the more time you allow to get your packing done, the better. The worst thing you could do is to save it all for the last minute. If you don’t want to hire local movers for the packing process, don’t simply throw your things randomly into boxes and just start moving. Pack smart. When you do your prep work and organize, you can ensure that the process will be less stressful. The key to making your move go smoothly is to start packing as early as possible. You should start with items that you don’t need day-to-day, such as decorations, sentimental belongings, books and movies, and wall art. You can also pack clothes and dishware that you won’t need before your move. Next, organize the last-minute belongings so you can swiftly pack them closer to the move date. Be sure to disassemble any furniture ahead of time to make the moving day easier. But be aware that is not an easy task, professional apartment movers have been doing that for years and they would all say that is the most difficult part of the relocation. As you pack boxes, label two sides of each box so you can easily identify what’s in each box. This will also ensure you can read the labels even if boxes are stacked on top of each other. Few other tips:

  • Creating an inventory – Keep track of what you put and where you put it. Valuable and fragile items should be given special attention and care when it comes to how you pack them and where you keep them. Either make a list or label each storage box. 
  • Keeping items in boxes – As mentioned, it’s much simpler to carry, stack, and store boxes of a similar size. So keep them uniform. Additionally, consider upgrading from cardboard boxes to translucent big boxes that have handles and lids. This makes it easier to transport and see what’s inside. For clothing that you hang, consider getting wardrobe boxes so they don’t get wrinkled in the moving process. You can always buy them from local movers.
  • Store furniture first – Your bulky and heavy items should be the first things that get put away. You can always make trips for smaller items later, but it’s much simpler to take your furniture and bed all in one go.

As the packing process is definitely the hardest part of your relocation, hiring professional local movers for the packing part should be your first choice. That way, you don’t have to worry about breaking anything, about disassembling furniture, apartment movers will do all that for you. Movers Sacramento will pack everything with the utmost care, and even if something accidentally breaks, you are covered. Professional apartment movers offer basic coverage insurance.

  • Sell or donate your things

Moving triggers the excuse to sort through all your possessions and determine what exactly you need versus what you can donate or get rid of. According to the professional movers, for everyone, cutting down on wardrobe inventory the biggest challenge. But, moving is the perfect excuse to purge the clothes you never wear, donate the bookshelf you never liked and eat all the leftovers in your freezer. A yard sale is a great place to start. You can swap belongings for cash easily and use that money for your moving fund or something else entirely. If you then move on to donations, you can still reap a reward – a tax write-off that will come in handy. Use this guide from the IRS for more information on making sure you can count your donations as part of your tax return. So, if you’re planning on selling your belongings, you can list them online a month before your move to ensure you receive the best offers possible. Make sure to clean your closet before you begin packing your clothes. If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, donate it to charity or give it to a friend. You can also donate books, furniture, and kitchen supplies. Donating heavy items, like a table or desk? Some charities pick up the items you want to donate. Not going to finish all your food? Consider donating sealed pantry staples, such as canned beans and vegetables, pasta, peanut butter, and cake mix, to a food bank. You’ll have less to lug to the new place, so you will pay your local movers less, and you’re helping those in need in your community.

  • Take care of your children and pets

Involve your children in the moving process. Show them their new apartment, walk through it, and the grounds. Let them have a say in what they might like their bedrooms to look like. Let them get familiar with the apartment’s floor plan and property. Let them meet your apartment movers and let them ‘help’ local movers with some easy tasks. Children love to feel involved and a part of the process. Like pets, they too can feel a sense of homesickness for their previous home. It is therefore important to pack the things that matter to them – their favorite stuffed animals, pajamas, blankets, even a few of their toys.

Like we mentioned above, pets are also very sensitive to moving. They are creatures of comforts and like their known home base. Make this new transition as easy for them as you can. In a well-marked box, make sure your professional apartment movers keep all your pet’s supplies together – toys, beds, medications, and anything he will need. Make sure food and snacks or treats are easily accessible, as well as lead, collar, and water dishes. Help your pet acclimate to the new location -sights, and smells while ensuring there is plenty that he is familiar with. Many pets often run away from new homes in search of their old ones. Keep the door closed, and if necessary, locked. If you cannot be in your new apartment that first night, be sure to have a plan for your pet that includes a place to stay if he can’t be with you.

To conclude, if you’re planning to relocate, then it is to your advantage to find apartment movers as soon as you can. Once you arrange a move-in day, you need to begin the process of finding excellent local movers. Apartment moving services have become a huge part of the relocation industry. By choosing the correct apartment movers, that formerly stressed-out person can now sip on a cup of coffee and relax.  And let me tell you something, supervising a move is so much easier than packing and unpacking on your own. Asking friends and family for recommendations about professional movers that have done similar moves is a great idea. In addition, you should read reviews of the moving companies you are considering.  If you hire our apartment movers-Movers of Sacramento, your relocation will go smoothly. We offer the best and friendliest moving and services with no travel charges. Our friendly staff goes the extra mile to make sure your apartment move is as stress-free, fast, and affordable as possible. We also provide packing and moving services, full-service, and sell a full range of moving supplies that can be picked up at our box store or delivered right to your home. Just get your free moving quote today and see why are we the best apartment movers out there!