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Moving yourself or hiring a movers? Top 8 advantages of having a professional moving company

Planning to move? Be ready to deal with organizing, planning, packing. loading and moving all of your items. But why would you go through all of that by yourself? Why don’t you hire a moving company? You can save time, money and energy. Let us introduce to you top 8 reasons why you should hire a moving company instead of moving by yourself.

  1. Piece of mind knowing that your items are safe and protected

Let’s be honest, no matter how careful you are when it comes to moving your belongings, you are not an experienced, professional and trained mover. Moving to the new home is the beginning of your new life chapter and you want it to start happy and positive. That is why you should leave moving to professional packers and movers. This way you will know that your items will be carefully and safely relocated. Professional local movers will not only move your items safely, but they will disassemble, assemble and wrap up everything. They also have all the equipment needed for your move.

  1. Safety when it comes to heavy lifting

Besides that you don’t want to hurt your back while lifting that heavy dresser, you don’t want to break the dresser either. Not only can you relax, hire a professional movers to do the job for you, but you want to buy brand new furniture to replace the items you damaged. Movers that you hire will be equipped with straps and moving dollies for moving anything that is too heavy. And also, you don’t have to bother and organize a bunch of your friends to come and help you. Invite them to your new home to enjoy, not to work hard.

  1. Insurance

Whether you have your family members or friends helping you with the move, if something gets damaged, you don’t want to put them in an awkward position because they just wanted to help. They will feel uncomfortable and guilty and it is not even their fault, they are not trained to move heavy furniture. On the other hand, if you break something, you will be nervous and probably you will damage something else because of that. When you hire a professional movers, insurance is included in the price and if something gets damaged you will work with their customer care team to either repair the item or to get some kind of compensation. That is why it is worth it to hire a moving company.

  1. Packing

Everyone hates packing. Not only does it take weeks to prepare for the packing, plan it, buy the materials, but it is the process that requires concentration and patience. Just imagine packing all the dishes by yourself, those are probably the most fragile items you own in your home. It is too stressful. You can hire professional packers who know how to safely pack each and every box and ensure that all of your items arrive at your new location in one piece. And the hours and days you would spend on packing, you can now enjoy with your family or meeting your  new neighbors, getting ready to move into your new home.

  1. Easier and Faster

Moving itself is a very time consuming process. If you hire someone who is trained and professional to relocate homes, you will save yourself hours and hours. Professional moving companies will move everything for you in just one day, while if you are moving by yourself you will have to make multiple trips back and forth and it will probably take weeks and days. Nowadays, time is very valuable, so why would you waist yours?

  1. Simple when it comes to planning

At first you might think that moving is simple as pack your things, load them and go. In reality it is not that simple. Firstly, you should know you will need help to move and pack everything, which means you will have to organize your friends to come over. Now imagine fitting your packing and moving day(s) into everyone’s schedule. It already sounds like hell, right? You will have enough things to plan even if you hire a moving company, so save yourself energy, time and nerves. Professional movers are not there just to do heavy lifting, they will coordinate your move as well and pay attention to every detail.

  1. No multiple trips

If you want to move by yourself and don’t want to spend some money on renting a truck, you will have to make dozens of trips to move everything. And be ready – not everything can fit in your car. If you hire a professional mover, they will move everything in one simple trip. Not only movers are trained to maximize the usage of space in the moving truck, but they will disassemble all the items in order not to make multiple trips. And also, trucks are included in the price, so you are getting all in one.

  1. Cost efficiency

When you think about the move, it might seem that DIY is cheaper. But when you start planning, organizing, renting a truck or a pod etc. you will see that hiring a movers might be cheaper. Don’t forget to buy some food and drinks for the friends and family that are coming to help you. And don’t forget the items you will damage. Hiring local movers is cheaper than you think and you are getting a full service. Also, you will have a peace of mind, and that simply doesn’t have a price!